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Why You Should Embrace Short Form Writing in 2024 (Especially If You’re Busy)

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Seth Godin is my mentor.

Have you heard of Seth Godin?

With more than 7,000 consecutive daily posts on his iconic blog, he has shown us that length isn’t the sole metric for impact.

Often, he gets his message across in less than 200 words.

What can we, as new writers, learn from this?

The magic of short-form

It’s simple — life is hectic.

Just ask me — a mom with two kids, juggling work and family.

For writers like me, short form is a godsend.

With over 1,900 published stories, it’s a testament to how consistent, bite-sized content can lead to prolific results.

  • 70% short form content
  • 550 subs on Medium
  • 3,300 subs on Substack
  • 1,000 YouTube subs

I view short form not just as content, but as a tool:

  • Tease an upcoming long form.
  • Promote past articles.
  • Highlight other content avenues like my YouTube or newsletter.

Here’s my free 2024 guide:

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