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Why You Should Start Building a Library Of Content

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and Become A Data-Driven Writer

I’m a brand manager.

From a marketing perspective, every single piece of content you create on the internet is a data point.

You can:

  • experiment with different headlines.
  • experiment with different topics and niches.
  • listen to the data on your ‘Stats Page’.

The data on your Stats Page is telling you what your readers love, what’s working, and what’s not.

In 2021, I grew my library of content from zero to 470.

I’m proud of my library. In 2022, you should invest in it too.


  • the more you write the better your writing gets.
  • you’ll be offered freelance gigs.
  • you get a sense of your audience, your followers, and true fans.
  • you can evaluate whether a curated article really performs better than a non-curated one.
  • you have data to play with.

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