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Why You Should Write About Topics That Are Easy and Obvious To You

  • 2 min read

Especially, if you experience writer’s block.

I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring out the window and watching some seagulls in the air, then I looked at the clock, which indicated that I had to pick up my toddler in about an hour…. and that’s when it hit me:

I was suffering from writer’s block!

So, I texted one of my peers and she tipped me off to write about a topic that was simple and obvious to me — but not to my audience.

So, I chose a question that was posed to me on Quora:

Will Reposting Content From Your Own Blog or Website On Medium Harm The SEO Of Your Site?

This 150-word story raised $3.

Apparently, many Medium readers were interested in this short and sweet Q&A.

Why not write about something that is obvious to you when you feel stuck?

D’you have other recommendations to defeat nasty writer’s block?

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