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Why You’re Not A Badass Writer

  • 1 min read

and what’s holding you back.

There is a voice in your head telling you…

You’re not worth it!

You’re ordinary!

No one is interested in your writing.

Turn down this voice in your head for a second and listen to me.

This voice is your fear.

Your fear is a liar.

Even the biggest rockstars are experiencing it backstage.

Disbelief. Fear. Resistance.

We are only human beings.

Fear is part of our identity. Fear is a beautiful emotion that keeps us safe BUT can also hold us back from the things we’re dreaming of.

What if I told you you’re a badass person. Would you believe me?


Put pen to paper and write down 5 badass moments you’re proud of.

Whenever you feel bad, read the list out loud and tell yourself that you are a badass. That way, you’ll become a badass writer, too.

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