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Will AI Content Be Free and Human-Written Content Paid?

  • 1 min read

It might be the end of the era of free human content.

We’re used to writing for free.

We’re used to publishing our stories in Medium’s publication for free.

But I think we’re already seeing a shift.

A shift towards paying individual writers for their work and writers embracing getting paid for their work.

Substack is a great example. It’s a newsletter platform where you can also blog and share your stories. It has a network of creators and readers.

Stories on Medium are also behind a paywall but you’re writing for the mass.

In my interview with Zulie Rane, she said the following:

“I wonder if there’s not going to be one day a distinction between free content and paid content. That’s going to be like free content might be majority AI-generated, like stuff that you would Google to get the answer to versus paid content, like stuff that we’re kind of already seeing paywalls for.”

What do you think?

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