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Will Reposting Content From Your Own Blog or Website On Medium Harm The SEO Of Your Site?

  • 2 min read

Don’t believe the myth.

The other day I heard the common myth that republishing content from your WordPress blog or personal website on Medium would hurt your site’s SEO and domain authority.

True or false?


Repurposing on Medium doesn’t destroy your Google ranking. It can boost it!

Medium allows you to repost content that you originally wrote on your blog or website and repost it on the platform.

If you want to repurpose your content on Medium, set a canonical link.

The canonical link will be shown at the end of your story and show the link you imported from.

Go to “Settings_ Advanced Settings” and click on

Customize Canonical Link

and check the box!

With its high domain authority, Medium is the best backlink you can get.

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