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Will The Twitter Scheduling App Hypefury Be Suspended?

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Musk has already intentionally suspended third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, Echofon, and Twitterrific.

Hypefury is a scheduling app that helps you schedule your Twitter tweets and threads.

I recommend my students use it if they want to drive their Twitter growth and schedule their content.

A few days ago, I received an email from Hypefury.

Yannick, the co-founder of Hypefury, stated about the mysterious outage of third-party apps that began two weeks ago.

According to insider information, this was a targeted move by Elon Musk.

He intentionally suspended outside apps to force people to go to Twitter’s own app.

But why?

Some think it’s because these apps don’t drive ad revenue.

Twitter lost its 500 top advertisers.

Twitter’s daily revenue is down 40%.

Yannick from Hypefury doesn’t think Elon will suspend scheduling apps

“I think it’s a targeted move from Twitter against 3rd party clients, not against other types of 3rd party apps.”

– we post directly on Twitter

– the most engaging content is posted through Hypefury and similar tools.

– we directly lead to an increase in ad revenue

– we aid the creator space, which Elon says he fully supports

– the 3rd party clients are primarily for consuming content, not for creating content

Musk intentionally suspended third-party Twitter clients that don’t drive ad revenue.

Why shouldn’t he also ban schedulers?

Hypefury doesn’t pay a fee for using Twitter and posting content.

❌They say they drive ad revenue but if they would really know that they do, they could share further data to reassure their customers.

I know from several creators that they already canceled their Hypefury subscription because they think Hypefury will get suspended soon too.

Here’s why Musk could suspend Hypefury:

  • Background: To get access to the content on Twitter all third-party apps need access to the so-called Twitter API (application programming interface). If they don’t have access to the API, they can’t display any tweets, notifications, or messages.
  • ❌To be able to schedule tweets it's exactly the same thing as explained above. You have to use the Twitter API to schedule a tweet.
  • ❌This means that if Musk decides to deny access to the API for scheduling apps such as Hypefury the party is over.
  • ❌Additionally, creators using Hypefury don’t see any ads and Hypefury doesn’t pay Twitter a fee for using the platform and making money with it.

What do you think?

Do you use Hypefury or another scheduling tool?

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