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Will You Please Stop Complaining About Medium

  • 1 min read

Same old, same old.

I see so many (senior Top) Writers complaining about Medium.

I think complaining is an easy way to put responsibility on someone else when things don’t work as they used to.

Here are some examples:

  • The Boost isn’t as good as Medium promoted it.
  • My views are low. Medium doesn’t distribute my stories anymore.
  • The earnings are lower than two years ago.
  • The algorithm is not working in my favor.
  • My feed is showing me crap.

All this negative energy drains creativity and releases stress hormones which aren’t good for our bodies and health.

When you read such types of stories, ask yourself:

Is this worth it?

Even when I have a tough time with Medium, I try to present my readers with a positive observation of the situation.

Better come up with a solution, a plan, or idea on how to tackle things and try new ways.

Stop complaining!


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