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Winning Referred Members On Medium In 3 Easy Steps

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Accept the challenge and don’t give your audience dead ends.

9 months ago Medium started something great:

The Medium Referral Program

It allows earning passive income on a monthly basis.

Recurring passive income helps you to…

  • build lasting success
  • a sustainable online business
  • feel more confident
  • have more time for other projects

From a referred member you can earn around $2.

Which is great.

All those pennies add up and can become the foundation of your business.

Top Writer Jenn Leach even stated in regard to affiliate links in general:

Referred memberships are much better for me. (…) It makes up about 5% to 10% of my monthly Medium income. Jenn Leach

8% of my monthly income comes from referred members

As far as I’m concerned, referred memberships make up about 8% of my monthly Medium income.

Nevertheless, I know from experience, that writing on Medium is a rollercoaster ride.

Even in regard to referred members change is the only constant on Medium.

The amount you earn per month can be affected by…

  • cancellations
  • refunds
  • chargebacks

You can lose some after a month or so.

But for most people, the hard part is to actually get people to become their referred members.

Over 3K followers but one referred member?!

My friend Yana Bostongirl shared in the comments of her story

How Are You Faring With Referred Memberships and Ko-fi?

that although she has 3.3K followers she has only one referred member.

Looks like the ZERO Referrals Club is a pretty big club

Yana analyzed the comments on her post and realized:

Apparently, very few Medium writers actually are getting referred members. (…) Looks like it’s a pretty big club from the looks of it Yana Bostongirl

But wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one referred member?

That it’s possible shows the example from Nicole Dake with 1.7K followers:

I just got a referred member for the first time this week!

Here’s how to win referred members on Medium in 3 easy steps

In my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp, I teach my students to…

  • #1 — shift your mindset: It’s not cheeky to ask your non-paying audience to become a referred member
  • #2 — call to action: place a little blurb at the end of your stories for readers to sign up or this box by simply copying and pasting your unique referral link (which you can access via SETTINGS_AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT)
  • #3 — promote the Medium Membership not only on Medium but on all socials you’re using (TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, your blog, podcast…)

This is what Medium recommends

Additionally, Medium recommends to…

  • Emphasize the benefits of Medium membership.
  • Be specific when describing what makes your writing unique.
  • Be personal, your readers trust you.

Important BONUS information

If you’re multi-tasking come back to me because now I’m sharing with you THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION:

Although Medium provides every single writer with an individual referral link which you can access via:


The link does NOT work in the app!

Let me repeat it: It does NOT work in the app.

In this popular story, you can learn how to refer a friend through the Medium app although Medium doesn’t allow it:

We don’t want to give dead ends

After reading all this information.

Ask yourself…

What is a non-paying reader supposed to do after reading your stories? Where is a place to go to further the conversation with you?

Is it reading another related post from you or is it becoming your referred member?

If your goal is the latter, make sure to share a call to action. Ask him or her to become your referred member.

Make sure that you do not give dead ends.

Instead, be intentional and strategic about utilizing your referral link.

Oh, Shoot! I haven’t used the link YET…

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s what to do when you want to attract and win referred members.

  • Jump back to your best-performing stories or the ones you love the most.
  • Reedit those posts and add the missing referral link.

Do this with intention.

It will serve you for weeks and months.

Final Takeaways

Hey, do you remember Barney’s commonly used catchphrase in How I Met Your Mother?


Challenge accepted!

You do yourself a disservice if you don’t follow my 3 step process to attract and win new referred members.

Or hear it from my student Sally Prag who has gained several referred members so far:

I figure that it doesn’t hurt to add the links at the bottom. A good-hearted person who realises that clicking your link rather than joining Medium without sponsoring a writer may see it.

© Kristina God

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