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With More Than 1,000 Articles on Medium, Do You Still Make Money on All Those Old Articles?

  • 2 min read

Yes, I do!

Mark Baquiran is a new writer on Medium.

I loved his question, so I had to share it with you today:

(…) do you still make money on all those old articles? For example, does your monthly income come from just newer articles or from a little bit of your entire catalog of articles on Medium?

If you‘ve been writing on Medium for two years (as I am) you probably have a library of published content that boosts your earnings every month.

My earnings are still boosted by the first curated articles about feminism, relationships, and parenting.

All those pennies add up 😄

If I wouldn’t publish anything, I would still earn around $50 with my library of content — which is ten times the membership fee of $5.

In addition, I would still earn recurring income from my referrals.

Medium pays you at least $0.01 per post per month.

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