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With Self-Belief, The Sky Is The Limit — Even If You’re Boring

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Learn from the queen of boring and unglamorous businesses

In today’s digital age, what’s the most underrated skill?


Just look at contrarian thinker Codie Sanchez.

photo credit: Codie Sanchez YouTube banner

With her 350k newsletter subscribers, 830k YouTube followers, and an astonishing $18M net worth, Codie is proof of where self-confidence can lead you.

She’s the queen of boring and unglamorous businesses with high margins:

buying laundromats, car washes, and trailer parks.

9 essential lessons from her creator journey:

  1. Think Big, Act Fast — Dream about where you want to be in 3 years, then find ways to achieve that in just 6 months.
  2. Know Your Audience — Codie knows exactly who she’s talking to, making her message resonate with her massive audience.
  3. Find Your Unique Advantage — For Codie, it’s asking the right questions. This led to her first business, kickstarting her entrepreneurial empire.
  4. Understand Your Strengths — Recognize your industry knowledge and use it to your advantage.
  5. Emotion Over Logic — Understand that success isn’t just about tactics. It’s about understanding your emotions and navigating them.
  6. Be a ‘Third Degree’ Human — Look after your mind, body, and bank account.
  7. Stay Mission-Focused — When the going gets tough, remember your big, overarching mission.
  8. Only A Players Allowed — Surround yourself with the best. Their performance uplifts yours.
  9. Recognize Your Rarity — If you’re hungry and driven, understand that’s rare. Most people don’t have the will to act.

Codie’s journey is a testament:

with self-belief, the sky is the limit.

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