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Woot! Guess What I Earned With 150 Words And 5K Views

  • 3 min read

Longer isn’t always better.

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.

I took this as an opportunity to share a private story with the community.

About my dad who was constantly complaining about the small engagement ring I got.

The other day, I checked the reason why I had a huge peak in my views.

My 150 words article Is The Size Of Your Engagement Ring An Indication Of Success? received 5K views.

At first, I thought:


But then I realized 97% are external views.

Medium doesn’t pay us for external use.

So, it’s only $0.98 as you can see from the screenshot below:

Is The Size Of Your Engagement Ring An Indication Of Success?

That’s a bummer.

On Medium my article received 13 comments and 800 claps but only 133 views.

Since I optimized it for Google, it ranks on page one on Google.

Via Google Search 4.8K people clicked on my story.

Apparently, the size of the engagement ring seems to be a hot topic when you’re newly engaged.

Here is the story:

But wait… this article isn’t clickbait.

Please continue reading or listening to my story.

Let me show you what’s possible in regard to earnings

To show you what’s possible with short form writing let me share with you this screenshot:

How to gain 10k followers overnight

YES! With 2.8K internal views, I received around $60. That’s insane. Isn’t it.


Longer isn’t always better.

Here is the story:

Hint: I would have earned double if I wouldn’t have added screenshots.

Every screenshot counts into the read time.

Did you know?

If you add one screenshot = 12 seconds.

If you add another picture = 11 seconds.

So it’s not a 1 min read as usual for a 150-word story.

But a 2 min read.

Otherwise, I would have earned around $120 with one short form post.

⚡️In April/May 2022, I’ll host my 3rd Medium Kickstarter Bootcamp!

You’ll learn how to…

  • write short form stories that sell.
  • earn up to $70 with 150 words.
  • promote your long form stories.
  • rank on page #1 on Google.
  • build a (daily) writing habit and have fun.
  • get distributed.
  • skyrocket your views and reads.

If you say:

👇“YES! I want to become a master of the short form and be part of Bootcamp 3!” — leave a comment!👇

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