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Woot! I Received The One-Time-Engagement Bonus

  • 2 min read

Guess what Medium paid me?!

A few weeks back, I informed you about Medium’s new incredible audio tool.

This audio tool called Speechify allows you to listen to articles.

A (male or female) AI voice reads the stories.

A few days ago, I informed you that your earnings haven’t been finally calculated yet.

With a bit of luck, Medium will add a nice one-time engagement bonus for listening time.

I’m eligible for this bonus since I see the play button on top of my stories.

So I checked my earnings today and…tadaaaa…

Here’s my member list bonus for February 2022:

It’s a bummer. 🤣

I’m curious what you got?

Last year, I received 3 times a Member List Bonus of $500.

This was awesome and about engagement in general.

This time it’s an experiment and only for listening time.

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