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WordPress Now Offers a Newsletter Service

  • 2 min read

The newsletter product space is undergoing a lot of changes. Whereas Twitter and Meta are shutting down their services, WordPress is on the rise.

With Twitter shutting down its newsletter service Revue in the mid of January 2023 and Meta killing its newsletter service Bulletin within the next weeks, creators are looking for a reliable platform to build and grow their email list.

Newsletters are a great communication tool.

They help build a more personal connection between you and your subscribers.

Additionally, newsletter services such as Substack promise that you can become a newsletter entrepreneur within minutes by simply pushing the paid subscription button!

Besides being on Substack and Medium, I’m also working on creating my own WordPress website.

It’s super awesome that the platform now offers a newsletter service.

Newsletter WordPress

It’s super simple to set up.

There’s a free as well as a paid plan.

With the paid plan ($8 per month) you will have the possibility to monetize your newsletter (subscriptions/donations) in the near future.

Join my newsletter now!

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