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Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist — Instead, Embrace This New Concept

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Covid has changed our ambition.

“It’s not that I have less ambition, however…” a friend of mine told me on the phone.

She shared with me that her ambition has changed. For her, it’s no longer about career success first, but instead, she wants *work-life-balance*.

Covid has changed her.

She doesn’t want to work her life anymore for her corporate job.

It doesn’t mean that she’s doing less, it means that she is embracing the concept of “quiet quitting” and is doing what she gets paid for (not more!).


Because she reevaluated her life and learned she deserves and wants more.

While working from home, she embraces *work-life-integration*.

This concept is blending both personal and professional responsibilities.

Now she is completing household chores while on a call or spending lunchtime with her hubby who is also working remotely.

She feels super happy about *work-life-integration*!


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