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Wow! Create Custom Social Media Posts With Canva’s Magic Design In Seconds

  • 2 min read

Make labor-intensive and boring tasks more magical

A few weeks ago, Canva released a whole new magical design studio.

It’s AI-powered and really wows me.

Creating social media posts can be time-consuming. Here’s how to save yourself a lot of time.

Click on “Magic Design” and tell Canva in 5 words what type of social post you’re looking for.

You can describe any idea or vision you have and just let the magic happen…

My prompt: “mompreneurs making money writing online”

photo credit: screenshot of Kristinna God’s Magic Studio on Canva

This is the collection of custom templates I got (would be perfect for Pinterest):

photo credit: screenshot of Kristina God’s Magic Studio on Canva

Pro tip: You can also apply your Brand Kit (brand color, fonts, etc. to consistently brand your content) to the templates to personalize the templates even more and tailor them to your needs.

Here’s the full tutorial- starting at 0:45 I show how to create social media posts in seconds:

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