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Wow! This Writer Is Blowing Me Out Of The Water With A Writing Technique I Teach

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So can you and boost your income.

I always say:

You can absolutely be a success!

You only need some help to figure out the puzzle of online writing.

I was asked by the community to write more about people like you and me — not the Top Writers of the Top Writers… haha. 😆

I can totally understand.

So here’s a wonderful WOW-worthy success story of my student (from The Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp) and friend June Kirri.

June is a mom, a writer, and a powerful woman.

She writes about #Culture, #Mental Health, and #Parenting.

Within only a few months on Medium, she has grown her following from zero to around 900 people.

It took me 9 months to get there…

…but she got there fairly quickly. That’s incredible.

To be honest, she is totally blowing me out of the water in regard to her writing strategy.

So what’s her secret?

As you might know, I recommend using timely news hooks.

I know right now you want to know what a timely news hook is.

So, I, for instance, write about:

June also applies this strategy.

Here are some of her headlines:

Some of her stories got more than 70 comments and over 5K claps!

What makes timely news hooks so powerful?

First, Everyone loves news. It grabs attention — especially if it’s a human interest story that includes emotive content.

Second, people google it.

When they google for news, chances are high that they come across your story.


Medium has a high Domain Authority (DA).

This metric ‘predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages.’

If you start a personal blog, it will always get a DA score of 1, which is pretty bad. No one sees your stories on Google.

Medium, on the other side, is on the level of brands such as amazon or Facebook.

Here’s Medium’s DA:

  • Scores between 40 and 50 = average.
  • 50–60 = good
  • above 60 = excellent

With 95 it’s above 60.

This means it’s excellent and very likely that your story on this platform is to rank in search engine result pages on Google.

This way, you can gain external views. In the example below, it’s whopping 11K views for a 1-minute read.

This way you can gain external views. In the example below it’s whopping 11K views for a 1 minute read.

… convert non-paying members into referred members and earn recurring income through referrals.

Do you also want a chunk of that yummy $5 monthly subscription fee?

Hot topics to write about right now

If you also want to shoot for timely news hooks…

…here are 4 hot topics according to Google Trends which you can write about plus Top Writer tags that could make you a Top Writer — besides #News:

1 — Elon Musk + Twitter

= use the Medium tag #Technology + #Social Media + #InternetofThings + #Money

2 — Selena Gomez + Body Positivity

= use the Medium tag #Society + #Celebrity + #Culture + #MentalHealth

3 — Jennifer Lopez + Ben Affleck

= use the Medium tag #Society + #Celebrity + #Relationship + #Love

4 — “The crying CEO” + HyperSphere + LinkedIn

= use the Medium tag #SocialMedia + #Society + #Culture + #Relationships

Here’s the full list of Top Writer Tags in 2022 to get an overview of all tags that can make you a Top Writer on Medium:

Final Takeaways

In this story, I’ve shared with you the power of timely news hooks.

Plus, I’ve given you the steps you need to actually take action.

If you also want to shoot for timely news hooks, take one of my 4 hot topics and write about it.

This will help you boost your views and your income.

Take some action today and blow me (and June) out of the water! haha 😂

You can absolutely be a success!👍

© Kristina God

Did you know about this technique, and what do you think about it?

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