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Wow! Zulie Rane Thinks I’ve Things Pretty Well Figured Out

  • 1 min read

That’s an honor and it’s true.

A few months ago, Top Writer Zulie Rane announced to her email subscribers that she’d be offering an exclusive coaching program.

Since I like to learn more and reinvest some of the money I make online, I figured:

Why not join Zulie’s coaching program?

So I filled in the assessment.

Zulie picked me as one of her potential students.

Then she sent me another email saying:

From checking out your profile, I was a little surprised to see you apply!

Seems like you have things pretty well figured out from what I can see.

Getting this feedback from Zulie with around 50K followers felt awesome.

And she’s right.

Within the last past 15 months on Medium, I’ve been learning everything I can about Medium AND sharing it.

My motto: I teach everything I know!

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