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Write a Newsletter 52 Weeks in a Row (as Dicky Bush) and Watch It Change Your Life

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Dicky Bush from Ship 30 for 30 went from zero to millions. He built his audience through consistency and a newsletter.

Raise your hand if you know who Dickie Bush is.

Ah… gotcha!

We hear a lot about Dickie, the writer, online course instructor, content creator, captain of Ship 30 of 30, friend, and business partner of Nicolas Cole, and millionaire.

But what actually got him to where he is now?

In January 2020, Dickie Bush faced a common dilemma — how to start building an audience.

He reached out to Khemaridh (Khe) Hy, founder of RadReads and called “Oprah for Millenials” for advice, and what he received was simple yet profound:

“Write a newsletter 52 weeks in a row and watch it change your life.”

Fast forward one year later, and Dickie had accomplished just that.

Dickie’s journey to success wasn’t an overnight success

It all started with that consistent newsletter.

It was the stepping stone that eventually led him to Twitter (now X), where he began to gain traction.

And from there, he started a venture that would not only bring in millions of dollars but also help thousands of others start writing online — Ship 30 for 30.

You may wonder:

“Kristina, will everyone achieve (the same) remarkable results after writing 52 newsletter issues?“

Not necessarily.

Most won’t, primarily because they won’t stick with it long enough.

I did! Yesterday, I published my 58th newsletter.

Kristina God Substack newsletter

It definitely changed my life.

Here’s why:

  • Got 3,400 newsletter subs
  • Got sponsorship offers
  • Can turn on the paid button for my premium content this January
  • Got 1,100 subs on YouTube
  • Started a coaching business
  • Will soon offer online courses and a membership

This is how writing more than 52 newsletters changed my life. Of course, “success” means different things to different people.

So for those who persevere, here are three compelling reasons why this approach works:

Built-in Consistency:

Consistency is an essential ingredient for success.

Committing to publishing a newsletter every single week for an entire year forces you to let go of perfectionism and hit that publish button.

It’s a constraint that breeds discipline and progress.

Build Your Writing Muscle:

Many people haven’t written much online before taking on such a challenge.

However, after 52 weeks of consistent writing, you’re bound to improve in some way.

You’ll have 52 pieces of content under your belt, and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable writing in the online space.

Discover Your Passions:

Starting with a topic you’re excited about is a common misconception.

Often, people find that after a few posts, they’ve exhausted what they had to say about it.

This is actually a positive development! It allows you to pivot and explore new areas that genuinely ignite your passion.

Experimentation is key in the early stages of your journey.

Most aspiring content creators face common hurdles:

  • Waiting for the Right Time: There’s never a perfect time to start. The best time is yesterday.
  • Perfectionism: Perfection is an illusion. Embrace imperfection and learn from it.
  • Lack of Clarity: Not knowing what to write about can be paralyzing. Pick something and start. You’ll find your path along the way.

Take action and use the platform Dickie uses

Dickie Bush’s journey from a newsletter to a multimillion-dollar course is a testament to the power of consistency and taking action.

If you’re looking to make an impact online, remember that it’s not about overnight success but rather the commitment to show up consistently, grow your skills, and discover your true passions along the way.

So, don’t wait — start yesterday, and watch how it can change your life.

One platform to start your newsletter journey this year is ConvertKit. This is the platform Dickie uses for his Ship 30 for 30 newsletter.

With its Creator Network, you can connect with other like-minded creators, for instance, other fiction writers, health coaches, or software developers, and mutually grow your newsletter.

I recommended ConvertKit’s new Creator Network to my husband and he gained 2,700 subs within two months through referrals!

Here’s the video with all the details to get started:

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