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Writer Cash Bonus FAQs

  • 2 min read

…for the upcoming bonus waves.

Surprise! Surprise! This summer there is another cash bonus wave on the horizon. So grab your surfboard, paddle into it, and ride the wave you’re given.

I’m really happy about the fact that Medium has awarded me twice in a row with a cash bonus for ‘high member engagement’ = ‘member reads, claps, and follows.’ More information here.

And I’m one of the Top 2,000 writers. Here’s the secret to my success!

In my latest article, you find FAQs about the bonus.

To put it in a nutshell:

1. 👍There will be two further bonuses in June and July.

2. 👍There’s a tiered structure:

Top 1,000: $ 500 bonus

1,001–1,500: $100 bonus

1,501–2,000: $50 bonus’ Medium

3. 👍Publish at least two stories and be fully enrolled in the Partner Program.

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