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Writer In Progress? Then This Publication is For You

  • 2 min read

There’s a new publication from a fellow Medium and Substack writer friend you need to know.

Want to write about fiction, poetry, or news, or share your valuable advice?

Then this new publication by David McIlroy is for you.

He’s a guy who knows how to growth hack X, Medium, and Substack.

He’s already at 2.8K followers here on Medium. On Substack, he managed to reach 1,000 subscribers within the blink of an eye.

His unfair advantage?

He loves social media, connecting with others, and consistently pumping out content.

Does this impress you?

Then David’s new publication WIP — Writers in Progress is for you.

It welcomes new writers and is a friendly and honest community of writers, authors, consultants, and all kinds of people.

I’ll also start sharing some articles with David’s new pub.

The cool thing he has also an account on X and Instagram which is super smart.

This could become the next “Coffee Times” which was shut down a while ago.

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