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Writers Are Getting Kicked Out Of The Medium Partner Program

  • 1 min read

If they have less than 100 followers.

On Quora, I got asked whether it’s true that you’re going to be booted from the Medium Partner Program (MPP) when you have less than 100 followers.

Apparently, that’s the harsh truth.

When you have…

  • joined the MPP before Medium changed the Guidelines
  • less than 100 followers

… Medium will kick you out.

As new writer Amanda Golka said:

(…) I just assumed I was being grandfathered into remaining in the Partner Program.

Then today, I received an email letting me know I was going to be booted from the Partner Program.

My friend Bill Holmes was at potential risk for removal from the Partner Program too.

Guess what Amanda and Bill did?

They shared the information and achieved the 100-follower requirement within a few hours.

If you need any help, please comment!

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