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Writers Aren’t Artists — True or False?

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Art comes in many forms. Does writing belong to the “real” types of art?

If you’re a writer on Substack you may have heard that they introduced badges in purple, orange, and white.

  • Purple: tens of thousands of paid subscribers
  • Orange: thousands of paid subscribers
  • White: hundreds of paid subscribers.
Substack Bestseller badge

Moreover, Substack now shows the subscriber count of any publication by default.

Kristina God Substack


Social proof, credibility, trust, and authority.

Plus, some creators such as Michael Spencer from AI Supremacy with over 10,000 subscribers and $20,000 annual income find it super motivating:

“The badges are brilliant, and motivating!”

However, there are some who raise their voices against these badges of credibility and honor.

“Artists are not creators and Substack is a place for true artists.

Artists create from their soul. Creators, “Talent” create to make money and get stuck on an endless content generation treadmill.”

This got me thinking.

I consider myself a creator/writer, and artist. Most writers on Medium wear both hats.

This is what the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says:

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an artist is a person who creates art using skill and creativity.

The dictionary even includes writing as one of the examples of art.

Art is about creative expression, and words are certainly expressive.

However, it can be a fine line and kind of subjective…as art always is.

Art comes in many forms.

Most people only consider the visual arts such as painting, drawing, design, and sculpting to be the only “real” types of art.

Plus, the performing arts such as theater, music, and dance.

For me,…

  • Chefs are artists.
  • Game developers are artists.
  • Mothers who tell goodnight stories are artists.

These are types of artists who may not be recognized as artists by the common eye.

Art is created with imagination!

Each fresh innovation brings a new form of art.

What do you think about artists and content creators? Tell us in the comments!

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