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Writers, This Bug Attacks All Who Want To Achieve The 100-Followers Requirement

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and is important for all who wonder whether they have been blocked by Medium.

Today, several new writers reached out to me in panic.

Here’s the latest email I received from Charlie Garrett:

I have been clicking to follow many who are scrambling to get their 100 followers (me too).

Suddenly, when I click to follow someone, it flashes to following and right back to follow.

So I am unable to follow anyone.

Since I heard this several times today, I checked it myself.

Before you go maniac read this

Here’s my experiment:

The moment I followed Charlie the follower count was still 69.

When I came back to Charlie’s’s profile I wasn’t his follower anymore.

I made this experiment with several other accounts too — on the desktop as well as on the mobile version.

The Good & The Bad News

Yes, it feels bizarre.

The good news is:

No, Medium didn’t block you! It’s just another bug Medium needs to fix.

The bad news:

It’s a bug, and it may take a while for Medium to fix it.

Recent Bugs

Recently, claps were gone.

Claps are a motivation and morale booster.

Claps on Medium show us how much our readers liked a story.

From one moment to the next, they were gone.


  • It was a data pipeline delay issue
  • no data were being lost.
  • The clap counts did resolve to their correct counts.

Hint: I still experience this bug from time to time.

100-Followers Requirement

I got asked whether it’s true that you’re going to be booted from the Medium Partner Program (MPP) when you have less than 100 followers.

Yes, apparently, that’s the harsh truth.

When you have…

  • joined the MPP before Medium changed the Guidelines
  • less than 100 followers

… Medium will kick you out.

Hundreds of writers received an email

There will be many who don’t care and will be weeded out as Medium intended and that’s ok too. (…) For those of us who really care about retaining our partner program privileges, it has energized us! Charlie says.

That’s the reason why so many new writers are playing the follow-for-follow game.

Usually, I hate this game.

But when you really care and want to stay in the Partner Program, I can somehow understand it.

My Overall Recommendation

I’m sure Medium will fix the bug within the upcoming days.

Nevertheless, last summer, Ev Williams has announced to

(a)ccurately reflect(ing) your unfollow actions.

That’s why my overall recommendation is:

Don’t act stupid and get banned.

My tips to gain 100 followers without playing games:

If you care and truly want it:

  • Write on a regular basis, at least 3–5 times per week.
  • When you’re busy write short form posts.
  • Read a lot, relate to others, and leave thoughtful comments.

On my page, you can find over 400 articles about Medium.

I also have a specific list for New Writers.

© Kristina God

UPDATE February 24: Medium seems to have fixed the bug!

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