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Writers, This Is The Best Distraction-Free Writing App

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Don’t let distraction kill your writing efforts.

Let’s be honest.

Your readers will never fully know the time and effort that goes into producing all of your posts.

All that matters to your readers is the end product. Your published posts.

Nevertheless, the biggest challenge is getting our writing for our side hustle done in the most productive way, isn’t it?

You may know that writing takes focus.

Unfortunately, somedays focus is hard to find.

You may feel the itching need to check Twitter, Facebook, or Medium notifications, and so on.

Let me introduce the best distraction-free writing app I use.

It’s Cold Turkey

Despite my 80% rule, I also use one distraction-free writing app to get the most out of my writing and stay focused.

This app is called Cold Turkey.

What does Cold Turkey do?

  • it blocks websites, games, and apps to boost your productivity
  • it does away with all the visible buttons and tools so it’s just you, the blank page, and your text
  • it helps you produce a higher volume without compromising on quality.

If you are looking for ways to focus, this app is ideal.

It makes writing without distraction much easier.

Good news: The basic blocker I use is free!

© Kristina God

Which app or method do you use to stay focused?

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