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Writing Is Like Doing Cardio — Keep That Heart Rate Up

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Why you should chase your energy and give people what they want

The other day a writer friend of mine shared this golden nugget of wisdom with me:

“Online writing is like doing cardio — sometimes you’ll feel like Rocky running up those stairs, other times it’s more of a sloth-on-a-treadmill situation.

It’s essential to keep that heart rate up (metaphorically speaking).”

You might wonder: Why?

If you want to see results, you’ll be doing it for a loooong time (after writing for two years I crossed the 1,000 USD mark. After writing for 2,5 years I crossed the 10K followers mark.). But how?

Chase that energy

  • What sparks joy in you?
  • What topics are you so passionate about that you could talk someone’s ear off? Or even better, write endless pages about?

Follow that energy.

It’s like your personal GPS directing you.

If a topic feels like you’ve had five cups of coffee and you’re bouncing off the walls, that’s your jam.

If it feels like you need five cups of coffee just to get started, drop it.

Real-life experience matters

It’s like when your friend swears by that diet they’ve never tried but read about.

You need to live it to preach it.

Your words should come from experience, not just a quick Google search.

It’s like claiming you know how to fly a plane because you played a flight simulator game once ^^ haha.

Not the same thing…

Real-life experience is what Medium incentivizes with a further distribution called Boost.

Give the people what they want

This is the golden rule of the marketplace, and guess what? Writing is a market.

While it’s tempting to become the next self-proclaimed expert on ‘sea cucumbers’ (yeah, that’s what a new writer recently shared with me), ensure there’s an audience that wants to read about it.

On Medium there are specific categories readers love, e.g. #Relationships, #Mindfulness, #LifeLessons, or #Money.

The niche dilemma

Too broad, and you’re like that person at parties who can’t stop talking about everything.

Too narrow, and you’re the guy who can only talk about his collection of vintage shoelaces.

Find that sweet spot where your passion meets demand.

You don’t want to be stuck writing about something so specific that you’d rather watch paint dry than write another article.

Want more tips about becoming a prolific writer on Medium? Sure thing!

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