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Writing On Medium Isn’t My Full-Time Gig

  • 2 min read

I have a life outside of Medium, too.

Whenever you reach out to me and read my articles please bear in mind that writing on Medium isn’t my full-time gig (yet).

screenshot by author Kristina God

I have a hardback life outside of this platform as well. I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. I work as a product manager in an international company 🧑‍💼and I’m a family manager👪.

So, whenever I can’t respond immediately or clap for your comments, please don’t get mad at me😡.

Whenever I can I try to check my Medium notifications. But as my base grows and this month I focus on writing short-form posts as an experiment, please know: I read EVERY comment🙏🏻.

I see you. I feel honored and thankful for your response. I try to answer your comment as soon as possible🙏🏻!

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