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Yeah! From Zero to 400 YouTube Subs — 4 Lessons Learned

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Brand deal, Medium interview, and two hits

Around six months ago, I started my YouTube channel.

My goal was to create one video per week because this is what’s recommended:

  • Build a library of content so people can dive a bit deeper into your world.
  • Plus, proof that you offer valuable insights consistently.

Did I hit this goal? No!

To date, I’ve published 12 long form videos.

This is 3 months’ worth of content.

However, with my 12 videos I had two *hits* so far.

New Opportunities

My husband has 40,000 subs with his software development tutorials.

I only have 400 subs, however, I did my happy dance and celebrated every one of them.

It isn’t the number of subscribers that matters, it’s what they represent.

In addition, I got a brand deal and the opportunity to interview a Medium insider!

Kristina God on YouTube

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