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Yeah! I Just Hit 1,500 Substack Subs

  • 2 min read

My newsletter is on the role. It’s less about ME and more about YOU.

I’m jumping out of my skin excited.

A few weeks back, I shared in Better Marketing how I gained 1,000 subs on Substack in 5 months.

Today I checked my subscriber growth and couldn't believe it.

1,500 subs are on my list already. This means 500 new subs joined within four weeks.

As a working mom, that’s awesome

I try to focus on Medium and Substack. It definitely works for me as a part-time creator with around zero to 3 hours per day for my online business.

You're not on the list YET?

Hang on! You’re not on the list yet?

My Substack newsletter is all about:

  • creating an online business including writing, online courses, creating videos, coaching others, and selling digital products on the side.

It’s perfect for all part-time creators out there who only need a little guidance and motivation to succeed.

Join the fun here!

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