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Yeah! The Write-and Edit-Function on the App Will Come Back This Week

  • 1 min read

This news will make thousands of writers pretty happy.

Recently, I already shared with you that things are definitely starting to shift on Medium — for the better.

The changes Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine made with the team were all good:

  • we have a new tipping feature
  • an improved Show Less Like This-button
  • an improved personal experience
  • we can refine our recommendations

The key for Tony and his team seems to be…

to improve the overall reading and writing experience on Medium. Which is awesome!

The next big news is that THIS week the write-and-edit function on the app will come back.

Another future update is that editors could accept/reject drafts on the go too.

I’m thrilled and can’t wait for this comeback to happen!

How do you feel about this comeback?

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