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You Can Refer Kristina God’s Freebies and Earn Money

  • 1 min read

All those pennies add up!

Recently J.R. Heimbigner recommended my free eBook about Medium and the Boost in one of his stories.

Thanks to his recommendation 3 writers bought my free…

…for up to $20 on Gumroad.

This was awesome but I felt sad for JR.

He could have made money!

Most online creators don’t know about Gumroad’s Referral Program

If someone allows you to earn money for referring a product, you can generate a personal link and use it in your stories.

Anyone who helps me can earn money!

I know that Jamie Northrup – Minimalist Hustler did mention my freebies in his daily newsletter for side hustlers.

He’s the one I got the idea from.

He told me that all those pennies would add up!

So why not generate a personal link when you refer to one of my free products?

Here’s more:

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