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You Copied a Top Writer’s Style… Now What?

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This goes out to Tim Denning and Jessica Wildfire fans.

I agree that when writing online we’re not enough on our own.

It’s crucial to connect with other like-minded people and surround ourselves with people that are a version of us that we ultimately want to become.

I totally get that!

Writers hanging around writers… that’s wonderful.

There are many ways to connect with other writers:

Join a Facebook group, private community, a cohort, or an online course.

Once you’re surrounded by a couple of people you admire, you inherently soak up their *writing styles*.

That’s totally natural!

It’s cool when your writing style is influenced by many different voices…

… often people tend to follow just one Top Writer, soak up everything they can, and suddenly sound the same as their favorite writer.

If you’re from Denning’s camp, you pick up his style.

If you’re from Wildfire’s camp, you pick up her style.

But what about YOUR style?

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