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You Don’t Have To Get It Right. You Just Have To Get The Writing Hula Hoop Going.

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Motion creates momentum

I still remember the day my baby boy started to walk.


Because this was a milestone in the life of my little one.

That day… everything changed.

My little one didn’t walk the first time he tried.

He needed practice, practice, and more practice.

Now I chase my cutie around when he explores the big wide world.

I applaud his new adventures because motion creates momentum.

Of course, you won't do it right from the start.

BUT the moment you get going and your writing hula hoop spins you’ll create momentum and succeed.

When you write every day, you soon get a chain going.

Chain = momentum = increasing forward motion.

Learn more about the Hula Hoop Method for writers — especially when you want to join the $100 club:

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