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You Don’t Need a Big Audience to Get Boosted On Medium

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It’s not the size that matters

When I shared my Boost series on Substack, I often heard:

“But what about writers with a little audience?”

I hear you!

Here’s the good news.

If you’re new to Medium or have a relatively low audience, your chances of getting Boosted, seen by more people are great — as far as you’re writing quality pieces with a human touch.

Nominators are looking for different and underrepresented voices

In an exclusive interview Thomas Smith, Boost Nominator on Medium from The Generator shared with me:

“(…) that’s another thing that I’m looking for as a Boost Nominator is just sort of different voices, underrepresented voices.

Looking for stories from people who maybe are really great experts on this (technology) and have something really incredible to share, but don’t necessarily have big audiences on Medium”

Want to learn more? Watch my interview with Tom!

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