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You Don’t Write Great Articles By Accident, Do You?

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You can’t just randomly improve.

In the last quarter of this year, I’ve started to coach others via email, video, or in my Bootcamp.

By helping them boost their success on Medium, I can confidently tell you:

It all starts with writing and experiementing.

Every story is a data point.

Lame? Please hear me out and continue reading.

✅Every story is a data point that can help you thrive.

👉Example: One of the students turned a comment she received into a new story. This became her most successful article to date.

✅Every rejection can be the beginning of a new journey.

👉Example: One of my students was rejected seven times by one of Medium’s biggest pubs and now she got featured.

You don’t write good articles by accident

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but with a good, data-driven strategy.

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