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You Need To Know This True Crime Writer On Medium

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She’s been on Medium for over 2 years and has become a Top Writer with 69K followers.

All of you who have been following me for a while know that I love to relate to others.

Recently, I wrote a niche piece for Iva Ursano who had previously recommended her favorite writer Fatim Hemraj to me:

  • Fatim is a true crime writer.
  • She’s a Top Writer with 69K followers.
  • She’s very inspiring and kind.

When I mentioned Fatim in one of my stories, she replied:

Aww, thank you so much for the mention, Kristina! It’s incredibly flattering and I’m very humbled.

What does Fatim write about?

Here are some catchy headlines I’m sure you NEED to click on when you’re a true crime fan:

How do true crime writers sleep at night?

Since I shared that I can’t read, write or watch true crime content, she revealed:

I also have to watch something funny before bed every night or I’ll have extremely vivid nightmares!

I usually watch Seinfeld or my favourite reaction YouTuber Charlotte Dobre, she is hilarious.

Her fan and Medium friend Iva, who recommended her writing in the first place, added:

OMG Charlotte Dobre cracks me up too. I recently found Sheena Melwani and her husband Trid on YouTube and they’re stupid funny too!! You might really like them 🙂

Does Top Writer Fatim relate and respond to others?

There are a lot of Top Writers on Medium who don’t answer comments anymore.

Fatim is different.

Immediately, after my long form story was published, Fatim left a nice comment and even wrote a thank you post.

Additionally, she interacted with Iva in the comments section:

(…) love how we’ve maintained our lovely Medium friendship over the two years I’ve been here.

Plus, she told Sarah-Jane W. 💙 who is in the middle of writing a ‘whodunnit’ book:

Amazing! Send a link when it’s done, I’d love to grab a copy!

Final Takeaways

I hope I could inspire you with this article.

Writing about true crime is definitely a niche and crime writers on Medium need more recognition.

What are you waiting for? Go, follow Fatim for some binge-reading!

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