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You Need To Love Mastery As Children Do To Win The Game Of Online Writing

  • 1 min read

Learn from the little ones.

I love observing my little boy.

He loves to repeat skills.

Climbing on a bank in the park, jumping into a puddle of mud, eating with a fork, throwing stones or spaghetti…

you name it.

From the outside, it looks like repeating the same (annoying) game over and over again.

If you take a closer look, it’s actually, my child playfully trying to gain mastery.

He repeats the same process over and over again until he perfects it.

Usually, it’s something hard enough to be challenging but not so difficult that he gives up.

For him, a failure is an opportunity to learn from it, fix it and try things differently.

Once he has mastered it, he moves on.

So if you want to win the game of online writing you simply need to LOVE to master it — no matter what!

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