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You Should Write For This Specific Publication

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It’s for new writers and coffee lovers.

She’s smart. She’s creative. She had a really cool idea.

Let’s welcome a new writer Dawn 🙂 to our community.

Within her first weeks on Medium, Dawn had a really cool idea.

She opened a publication for… coffee lovers.

But it’s not about physical goods — a real freshly brewed coffee — it’s about digital products which help writers fund their work and receive some love.

The anonymous donator got me thinking.

When I opened my coffee shop on Ko-Fi a few weeks back, I had an anonymous donator.

screenshot by Kristina God

I was curious.

From my conversation with Dawn, I got the feeling…

Maybe she is the one who bought me a latte with coconut milk.

I asked her directly but it wasn’t Dawn.

Still, my question opened up a whole new world for her.

Juchuuh! She bought me a coffee.

Immediately, she gifted me a coffee with a kind note saying:

screenshot by Kristina God

Oh, Dawn! How nice, I thought to myself and drank my latte.

Kristina God with her Ko-fi; Credit: Kristina God

When I went on Medium, I saw that Dawn leveled up her coffee shop love business.

She opened a publication and shared her love with the Medium community.

Medium’s new publication called Ko-fi lovers

Here’s what Dawn revealed:

When I first got to Medium, I was bewildered. I wanted to write but I was all tied up in knots about getting it perfect.

Then I came across Jan Sebastian (…) She revealed that it’s okay to just be ourselves!

I encountered Kristina God. She regularly gives the Medium community the info they need to get started, focus, and really create a presence.

I gave them both Ko-fi’s, but I wanted to do more! I wanted a place to showcase their awesomeness — but there was no such place…

So. I made one!


I love this attitude.

Dawn is a doer. I can’t wait to get to know her inside my upcoming Boot Camp.

How to become a writer for Ko-fi lovers?

This is Dawn’s coffee love mug.

David Rudder and Robert Ralph also received a coffee.

Dawn 🙂s coffee love mug; credit: Dawn

For her publication, Dawn accepts new writers — as well as aspiring writers.

  • Leave a comment under this post and within a few days, you’ll be accepted.
  • Once you’re added, simply include a screenshot of your receipt from the Ko-fi you sent.
  • Then take a moment to share the love.

Become a writer here:

Final Takeaways

Kristina God on Ko-fi; Credit: Kristina God

It feels good to love.

It feels even better to share the love. Dawn 🙂

I received already 9 Ko-fis and I myself, recently supported Robert Ralph, Kristina Segarra, and want to send Burk happy belated birthday wishes.

So, I have some stories and love to share them.

What about you?

Do you have a Ko-fi shop or a Ko-fi story you’d like to share?

PS: If you love my work, send me some love by clicking here to visit my Ko-fi shop. I promote everyone who buys me a Ko-fi 🙂

More about Ko-fi and Buy Me A Coffee:

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