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“You Shouldn’t Publish On The Weekend” Is A Silly Rule

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It’s outdated and from the past. Say YES to the weekend. Here’s what you need to know about WHEN to publish.

There’s a rule:

You shouldn’t publish on the weekends.

I really don’t get why people say this.

It’s just a silly and outdated “rule.”

It confuses most new writers who want to figure out the game of online writing and would love to know WHEN to publish.

New writers go crazy trying to time submissions to align with specific launch days.

Most writers say Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays perform the best.

So if you would have asked me 19 months ago — when I started my online writing journey just like you — my answer would have been;

  • ✔️Monday to Wednesday works very well.
  • ✔️Monday morning tends to perform best you’ll have the whole week to build up momentum.
  • ❌I should avoid any day past Thursday, particularly weekends.❌
  • Not many people are on Medium at the weekend.❌

⚠️ However, through trial and error, I have learned it isn’t that simple.

So as always, dear new writer, I want you to save a lot of energy and time and share my lessons learned with you.

Whenever I hear THIS, I cringe a little.

Last week, a new writer sent me a DM on Twitter.

He told me he had heard about THIS “rule” from someone else (who probably learned it from another person and so on…).

I shared with him that, in my opinion, no one has done the homework to see if THIS “rule” held water.

For further insights, I shared with him an article I recently published:

I’ve Analyzed Over 500 Of My Articles And Here’s The Best Time To Publish On Medium

Here are the results in a nutshell:

The results of the analysis of 500 published articles:

  • ✔️I have articles no one read on Mondays.
  • ✔️I have articles that gained traction on Thursdays.
  • ✔️I have articles that went viral on weekends.

By the way, meanwhile, I’ve over 800 published stories.

Here’s the proof, to give you social proof:

7 Things You Need to Know About Publishing on The Weekends

1 I’d say Friday is a good day to publish. People either read it right away or bookmark it for the weekend read.

Nicole Dake

I do MOST of my reading on weekends. So, if your story is new, it pops into my feed when I sit in my recliner to read. Andy Spears

2 I also catch up on reading on the weekends as well.

3 We all live in different time zones. The right time to publish is, every time 🙂

4 We all have different lifestyles — some work remotely, some work at night, some have families, no families, are solo, have a side hustle, specific hobbies… you get my point.

5 I have no such “I won’t work on weekends” mentality.

6 Pieces can do well later down the track — no matter when you published them.

7 Several of my most-read and viral stories went live on a Saturday or Sunday. There’s no way to predict how, when, or ever your article is going to pick up the pace.

By the way, the same is true on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Feedback from the Community about the silly “rule”

⚠️ It’s an old rule from the early blogging days in the early 2000s

Writers didn’t realise that people are out shopping, meeting friends, partying and so on, instead of surfing the internet, back in the 2000s Sean P. Durham

⚠️Medium is a little different on the weekends

It’s a fun place to catch up, find new writers and just work on building relationships with a little bit different crowd than M-F. Kimberlee Jakobe

⚠️ It’s an investment

What’s not realized is that creating content online means that you are creating an asset. And with investing, it is considered old aged wisdom to focus on time in the market rather than the timing. Jalen Da-Rod Miles Evans

⚠️The “for you” section doesn’t appear to have dates attached to them.

The “new” seems to be from your network or interactions. I get articles written 2 or 3 years recommended to me quite frequently. Matthew David

Why do I love to write and publish on the weekend?

Saturdays and Sundays are good days for me on Medium. My views and reads usually rise on the weekends.

Additionally, I always look forward to the weekend when I can batch-create my stories for the next week, bust out several new stories and read a lot of other stories.

I couldn’t agree more with Carl Thiessen on this statement:

It’s difficult to maintain the same mental energy from daily work and follow it into the evening. Yet the weekend, my fingers can’t type fast enough to get all the ideas out. Carl Thiessen

Final Takeaways

We’ve learned that…

  • there is no such thing as the PERFECT time to hit publish.
  • you should post what you want when you want it.
  • we can take advantage of the weekend and dare to publish our stories.
  • yous should focus on the writing rather than the timing of submission.

Don’t follow people’s rules. Experiment a lot and make your own!

© Kristina God

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