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You Shouldn’t Publish On The Weekends

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True or False?

Apparently, there’s a rule:

You shouldn’t publish on the weekends.

New writers go crazy trying to time submissions to align with specific launch days, such as Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.

Whenever I hear this, I cringe a little.

I know they learned this silly “rule” from someone who heard it from someone else — and so on.

I think none of them did the homework to see if the recommendation held water.

Several of my most-read stories went live on a Saturday or Sunday.


  • I also do a lot of my reading on the weekends.
  • We all live in different time zones.
  • I have no such “I won’t work on weekends” mentality.
  • Pieces can do well later down the track — no matter when you published them.

My tip: Focus on the writing rather than the timing of submission.

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