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You Want More Followers? Become a Medium Member

  • 2 min read

No, I’m not joking. This writer is a great example

Oftentimes I get asked whether new writers should use a free account or become Medium members.

Recently, Medium shared a list of features that are exclusively for members.

Besides getting full access to the treasure trove of wonderful stories on the platform, the listening function, and Referral Program, you can also grow much faster.

I don’t want to *sell* you anything

My friend Jamie Northrup – Minimalist Hustler has put the platform to the test.

After months of writing and engaging as a non-paying member he became a Medium member.

Guess what happened?

Jamie’s following grew immensely.

“But the real magical part was how much faster my following started growing once I became a paying member.”

Why is that?

Jamie has the answer.

“People will follow premium users much more than regular users because those are the users that you can earn the most money from.”

Become a Member today!

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