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Your Feed Sucks? Take Back Control With This Simple Hack!

  • 2 min read

This hack will change your Medium experience for the better.

Medium is meant to be a platform for lovers of reading and writing.

Still, toxic content in my feed is exploding at the moment.

So, you’re not alone. I’m also annoyed about my feed.

Here’s what you need to know about Medium’s algorithm:

  • The more you click on specific articles (e.g. Medium is doomed), the more Medium is going to feed it to you.
  • When you read negative articles, you’re potentially exposing yourself to more of them.

The algorithm thinks that’s what you want to see.

It can be a vicious circle.

🚫Here’s help

  • Click on your avatar and on Refine recommendations.
  • Customize your interests, clear your reading history and mute authors or publications that are getting on your nerves.

You are in charge.


Take back control over your feed — Right. Now! 😃

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