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Your Size Has A Huge Impact On Your Relationship and Love Life

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True or False?

I found a Reddit group stating:

Bikinis just don’t look nice on plus-size women. They just shouldn’t wear them.

So women above size 4 should never wear a bikini or what?

As women, we face so much body image crap.

TikToker, self-love activist, and curvy woman Alicia McCarvell speaks from first-hand experience.

When she shared a video of her and her husband getting ready for a wedding, the video went viral.

It reached 24 million views.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of commentators questioning their relationship and if she was deserving of a man as good-looking as her hubby.


(Because) by beauty standards, we don’t make sense (…), Alicia shares.

Watch Mrs. Curvy’s statement about her relationship with Mr. Sixpack:

GMA on YouTube

🧡Leave a comment if you agree that true love has never and will never see size!🧡


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