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Your Small Following Can Be A Blessing

  • 1 min read

Make use of it.

Let’s cut the fluff.

You’re not guaranteed success just because you have a lot of followers.

I get often asked how many followers do I need to earn money on Medium?

  • Well, I made my first $500 with under 1K followers.
  • With 6K followers, I make about $1,000+ per month with writing here.

Do you know what’s even better than followers?

Your email subscribers!

Your domain/account here on Medium is on borrowed land.

It’s not YOURS.

The algorithm could change. Medium could be sold.

You only rent your little space here.

The most important asset is your email subscribers which you can grow with the help of

Make use of this. Nurture your email subscribers.

Especially with a small following, you can build a personal relationship with every one of them.

Here’s how to gain email subscribers:

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