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You’re Too Old To Start Writing Online

  • 2 min read

Especially if you’re 70. Right or wrong?

The other day a 75-year-old woman joined my Substack newsletter.

She sent me an email to say hi.

I asked her why she subscribed to my newsletter.

She told me she wanted to learn something new

She’d be retired and would only be allowed to earn a small amount of money.

She told me that the most important life hack is not becoming stagnant.

She always wanted to become a writer but never started writing.

A friend told her about me teaching others to start writing and earning online.

“It’s all about staying curious and trying different and new things. It’s important to educate yourself”, she told me.

Many decide to stop learning after a certain age.

The mindset goes into chill mode

They tell themselves:

“I know everything I want to and it’s too late and too hard to learn something new. I’ll just float around and slowly age.”

She’s in good company

My fellow writer friend Patricia Ross who is 82 years old is also my Substack subscriber.

I bet she’s nodding her head when she’s reading these lines.

Let me tell you why.

Patricia went back to school, got her Master’s degree, and finally got her MFT license at 56.

For the past 28 years, she has been working as a therapist.

It’s never too late to tackle the things you truly want to do in life, right?

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