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YouTube Is Axing Its Stories Feature

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Beginning on June 26th, it’s time to say goodbye to this feature

YouTube, the world’s favorite video-sharing platform, has announced its decision to discontinue its Stories feature.

Stories, initially called Reels and launched in 2017, were intended to mimic the popular temporary posts first made famous by Snapchat and later by Instagram.

This feature was only available to YouTube channels boasting more than 10,000 subscribers, allowing creators to share updates or behind-the-scenes content to promote their channels.

Despite the feature’s appeal, it struggled to find its footing within the YouTube ecosystem.

Contributing Factors to the Demise of Stories

  • limited access
  • infrequent usage by creators
  • lack of promotion from YouTube itself

Starting June 26th, Creators Will No Longer Be Able to Post Stories…

Any existing posts will disappear after seven days.

In lieu of this feature, YouTube is encouraging creators to focus on other platform components like Community Posts and Shorts.

Community Posts and Shorts are the Future

Community Posts, a feature recently expanded by YouTube, allows for text-based updates that can be set to expire after a certain period.

Community Posts and Shorts are the Future
photo credit: Patrick God’s Community Posts on YouTube

This feature facilitates sharing of polls, quizzes, images, and videos that appear in a tab on channels.

Meanwhile, YouTube is concentrating its efforts on Shorts.

Community Posts and Shorts are the Future
photo credit: Kristina God’s Shorts on YouTube

Its own answer to the short-form video phenomenon driven by TikTok.

In February, YouTube began sharing ad revenue from Shorts with creators, hoping to incentivize traditional long-form video creators to experiment with shorter content.

Bottom Line

The discontinuation of YouTube Stories echoes similar moves made by other platforms. Remember Twitter’s Fleets, which disappeared within a year of their debut?

While YouTube’s decision might disappoint some, it’s clear the platform is focusing on its strengths and core features.

As always, the digital landscape is continually evolving, and it’ll be interesting to see where YouTube’s push for Community Posts and Shorts leads.

What do you think about YouTube Axing Stories and pushing Community Posts and Shorts?

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